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Market Information

The market information provided by the Agricultural Marketing Information Service targets two groups:

Market Information

  1. Policy Makers
  2. Producers, Traders and Consumers

The following Market Information resources are provided by AMIS:

Price Reports

The Agricultural Marketing Office (AMO) collects agricultural produce price information to assist policy makers, planners, researchers, producers, traders and consumers. Wholesale price information is collected three times per week, and retail agricultural price information is collected one time per week. The information is gathered from 22 major markets and other collection points in Cambodia. This information is used to develop daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports which are distributed to the various government departments and can be downloaded from this website.

Radio and TV Broadcasts

AMO has developed a large number of radio and TV programs. These provide information on a range of topics, from price information to phone-in programs where listeners can ask questions to our team members. All of our productions can be downloaded or viewed on this website. The types of programs that we have produced are:

Regular Price Information Radio Programs

Price information for producers, traders, and consumers is broadcast by radio. These programs feature the latest price information from our collectors. The broadcast schedule can be found here.

Radio Call-in Shows

We provide the radio call-in shows for agricultural producers, traders, consumers, and students who would like to understand more about agricultural market information and market development. We also provide tips on various marketing tools. These live radio programs are aired twice per week on Mondays and Tuesdays. The programs are repeated on Saturdays and Sundays. The broadcast schedules for these programs can be found here.

Educational Radio Spots

We have produced 13 educational radio spots covering various topics such as the benefits of trading, an introduction to the Farmer Marketing School, how to use the SMS market information system, gender issues, and other relevant subject matter. These educational radio spots are broadcast during our radio phone-in show and price information radio programs.

Educational TV Programs

We have 16 educational TV programs, each between 5 and 10 minutes in duration, which will be shown on CTN once a week on Saturdays. Check our TV section for the latest broadcasts.

Talk Shows

We have also created TV talk shows on various agricultural topics. These talk shows can be seen on the CTN Internet Talk Show. During these programs project team members and government counterparts are interviewed about the AMO and our activities, and various other topics relating to the Agricultural Marketing Office. We also discuss details about the Farmer Marketing School, price bargaining skills, and the benefits of organizing farmer marketing groups. Other topics include explanations about supply and demand, and the benefits of using market information tools like the SMS system.

AMO Public Relations TV Programs

Together with the Department of Information of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries we produce TV programs on current affairs and the activities of the provincial Agricultural Marketing Offices. These activities include the Farmer Marketing Schools and the Farmer-Trader Business Dialog meetings. These programs are broadcasted on TVK during the local news.

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Video Documentaries

Our video documentaries are programs about project activities carried out by project team members and government counterparts. The documentaries show how we disseminate agriculture market information and also cover all of our other activities. They contain interviews with farmers and traders, before and after they have participated in our programs. These programs are used by the AMO to present the our activities to visitors and counterparts.

SMS Market Information System

The SMS market information system was developed for the producers and traders of agricultural produce. This system receives SMS text messages from traders containing the wholesale selling prices of their grade 1 products. Currently the system receives price submissions from about 80 traders each day. On average, four to five prices are submitted in one text message. This gives us between 300 and 400 prices each day, for over 20 products in 16 markets.

Traders and producers can access this price information using SMS text messaging. They send a coded message requesting specific details, and the system responds with the requested details. As well as current price information, these stakeholders can also learn the contact details of the traders who have submitted prices for the specific products from the SMS system. This information helps the system users in their market decision making, and also creates and improves market network links. This is especially important in the field of highly perishable products like fruit and vegetables where prices fluctuate throughout the day. With such produce the traders and producers need to receive current price information. We receive between 50 and 150 price requests each day.

From our regular meetings with traders and producers we see that the system improves links between markets. Traders are now able to quickly learn the prices of products in other markets. They then use the information from the system to contact other traders in order to buy from or sell produce to markets in which they had previously never been active.

Traders are able to make well informed market decisions when buying produce, because they know the current prices in the various markets. This results in higher volumes of produce being bought from producers.

At the same time, the producers are able to see up-to-date price information from the various markets. This information improves their bargaining position when selling their produce. For a detailed explanation on how to use the SMS market information system, go the SMS Market Information page.

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