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AMO Activities

The Agricultural Marketing Office (AMO) is responsible for a wide range of tasks, as described in its history page. The main activities of the office are in the collection of price data and the dissemination of resulting information. The office is also responsible for the development of the Farmer Marketing School (FMS), the training material required by the school, and conducting the Farmer Marketing School training sessions.

AMO activities include:

  • Collection of wholesale agricultural price information three times per week from 22 markets and other collection points.
  • Collection of retail agricultural price information one time per week from 22 major markets and other collection points in Cambodia.
  • Daily price information broadcasts through local FM and AM radio stations.
  • Printing of monthly price information bulletins for governmental policy makers.
  • Operation of the SMS price information system for traders and producers.
  • Creation of monthly and yearly price reports for planning and policy purposes.
  • Running of the Farmer Marketing School for producers.
  • Conducting meetings with wholesale traders.

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